Life, Death, and Beyond: Part 10


In many ways death is as simple and as natural as a leaf falling from a tree. But there are steps to be taken by those left behind on behalf of the one who is moving forward in the light. There is a ritual of the withdrawing the light from the body. The cremation service is a great release to the soul and the spirit. The Ascension Service is a vital service of liberation to the soul. There are dangers on the astral plane that must be avoided and how the astral ka can create problems for the departed. How discarnate spirits or entities figure in the equations and the role of Devachan, the realm of wish fulfillment. The cosmic being beloved Astrea is an effective prayer for spiritual work to be done at the time of transition especially to help those who have succumbed to harmful habits and addictions.

Lecture given: Wednesday - October 28, 2009

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