An Introduction by Neroli

Neroli Duffy

As a medical doctor in Australia, each time I was called to the beside of someone who was passing on in the change called death, I marveled at the difference in the body from one moment to the next as the spirit was withdrawn. I wondered, exactly what is it that dies? Surely it was not the soul or the spirit. Later as a minister, present at the bedside in a different way, I appreciated the answers that I had found in the life changing teachings of the ascended masters.

If we really knew that death is just the beginning and not the end of life and what we can expect when we get to the other side, then we might lead very different lives. Although Life, Death and Beyond is a serious subject, it is at the same time uplifting and empowering.

In this series of workshops we will cover in depth the unique perspective of the ascended masters on precisely what happens when we die, the levels of the heaven world and what takes place there, the description of the astral plane, why so many people get stuck there after death and what can be done about it, as well as all the more familiar topics such as the near death experience, the life review, and how we can all return to God in the ritual of the ascension.

We will learn practical tools for how to work with the angels and nature spirits and how to do the spiritual work for someone who has passed on and may not yet be where they need to be. It explores why we need the help of the angels and why not everyone goes to heaven right away, with illustrations from some real life stories.

More importantly when we realize that we are each a spiritual being with a physical body, we have lived before and we will live again, and the heaven world is more real than the one in which we are simply stopping over for three score and ten, then we can begin to lead a more conscious, loving and fulfilling life. For the big question at the end of life will not be, What doctrine did you follow? but, How much did you love?

And in the end that's what really counts.

I look forward to joining you for this series of workshops on life, death and beyond so that we can dispel the fear and anxiety that often surrounds this subject, have some fun along the way and start looking at life the way the angels see it. In some ways we could simply call it, From Here to Eternity.

Rev. Neroli Duffy